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Issues Management Software

Focused and creative problem solving

Draw focused, creative problem solving from all team members. UniPhi software fosters the communication and collaboration needed to resolve issues as they arise. Instead of maintaining registers in Excel, information is transparent to all team members and updated proactively by them.


Case Study

UniPhi’s direct link to MS Outlook through a customised ‘Save as Issue’ icon allowed the capture, tagging and storage of all incoming contractual emails.

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Communicate and resolve problems across projects and programs. Conversation threads associated with an issue are key in moving a project along in a time efficient and effective way.


issues management Team member Project manager Administrator

For a project

Raise issues and assign to resources for review Yes Yes Yes
Comment on issues Yes Yes Yes
Upload documents to issues Yes Yes Yes
Link documents to issues Yes Yes Yes
Re-assign resources to issues and risks Yes Yes
Re-rate issues as high, medium or low Yes Yes
Escalate issues in accordance with governance model Yes Yes

Across portfolios or programs

Track the number of high, medium and low issues by category (e.g. safety) Yes Yes
Monitor issues escalated to project governance groups Yes Yes
Filter for issues by category, rating, status Yes Yes
Search for a specific issue Yes Yes


Create issue categories Yes
Create escalation model for risks and issues Yes
Create document templates including sign off governance model Yes
Establish role based governance Yes
Create issue templates for standard response to standard issues Yes

We have software solutions for

The enterprise
The Enterprise

Imagine being able to see your project portfolio status. The transparency of UniPhi makes this possible in real-time.

Major projects
Major Projects

There’s project management, then there’s UniPhi. Collaborate effectively as a team and get results.

Your business
Your Business

Real-time practice management, profitable results. Take control of your small to medium business today.

uniphi onsite

On-the-go doesn’t mean disconnected. Track and change project information from your iOS or Android device.

Let UniPhi solve your problems

Featured Case Study

UniPhi was first used to support the role of independent verification in 2009 on the construction of the Melbourne desalination plant. The fantastic thing about this project was that the joint venture team from Davis Langdon and MWH were prepared to invest time in the re-design of processes and definition of keys for success.

Over the next 6 years, the system has evolved further to provide an end - to end paperless product set for independent verification and project management superintendent roles.

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UniPhi’s direct link to MS Outlook through a customised ‘Save as Issue’ icon allowed the capture, tagging and storage of all incoming contractual emails. The work flow system allowed leaders to electronically direct tasks to team members with priority ratings and response deadlines.

Robin Vogrincic
Principal Engineer, Jacobs

Covers all areas of project work

Document management

Content generation with the latest version.

Financial management

Real time profitability now and at completion.


Communicate across a virtual team.

Risk management

Execute the plan. Track effectiveness.

Issues management

Focus on the problem, resolve it quickly.

Resource management

Real time utilisation and overallocation.

Time management

What project's slipping, what has slipped?

Cost management

Cost benchmarks, forecasting and reports.

Contract management

Know your commitments. Audit trail varations.

and Reports

Progress on all 9 functions in one screen.