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UniPhi Software, 31 May 2022

This month, we kick off a new blog series called "With UniPhi". There is such a broad range of features within the UniPhi application, it can take end users some time to utilise the full power of its capability. This series will draw on some key portfolio, program and project management areas that can be supported by our software. Included in this is:

  1. Implementation of project 13 principles
  2. Establishing a PMO
  3. Delivering on "Managing Successful Programmes" processes
  4. Growing "P3M3" maturity

Many of you may notice that most of these items relate to methodologies that have come out of the office of government and commerce in the UK. This is because we are now fully embedded into the UK market. We're focusing on enabling UK businesses to realise the benefits these frameworks, processes and principles bring to an organisation.

Project 13 is an engineering industry led initiative that focuses on creating a business model for construction and infrastructure projects that integrates the parties involved into an overarching enterprise with common goals and values. UniPhi is a central digital enabler to achieving this goal because it integrates all areas of project work from engineer and contractor on the ground to sponsors and executives tracking performance. 


Project 13's take on the PRINCE2 governance framework - ingenious tweaks for construction and infrastructure

For our founder and CEO, the modern day PMO is a sad outcome from a concept that inspire him to create UniPhi in the first place. Organisations maximise value when they integrate cross functional teams to work on the right value adding investments in their business. UniPhi, as a web application with a host of collaborative features contextual to the end user, facilitates this integration of diverse skills to enable these teams to focus on common goals and defined scope. Unfortunately, most PMOs today are governance and police states focused on making people fill in the right progress report. This doesn't mean that the opportunity and value of the PMO isn't still there. In fact, enterprises can generate real competitive advantage by implementing the PMO as designed back in the 1990s and UniPhi is the key tool to enable this to happen.

The PMI PMO value ring provides all you need to know with what is wrong with the modern day PMO

Managing Successful Programmes  (along with its sister methodology on projects, PRINCE2) is a methodology for managing programmes of works. It's uniqueness is in the focus on alignment of strategy and benefits realisation across programmes of investments. Similar to the benefits of the PMO (which is the implementation vehicle for MSP) MSP provides the methods, processes and principles to follow if you want to derive value from your investments. All of these methods and processes can be configured in UniPhi and then all programme resources need to do is follow the bouncing ball to grow the culture and thereby capability of the business in getting value out of spending money.

O'Reilly Media's Principles of programme management....brilliant!

P3M3 stands for portfolio, program and project management. It's the testing model to assess how well you have implemented MSP and Prince2. UniPhi was built off the back of our founder assessing global organisations against P3M3 criteria. Implement UniPhi and you will have a level 5 P3M3 maturity level within 12 months. The benefits of this are out there to be seen. We have assisted many organisations double and triple their EBIT margins as well as overall business valuations. 


Over the next month, we will write expansive blog posts on how UniPhi delivers on these four concepts, putting detail to the claims made above.

If you want to cut to the chase and start making money or delivering triple bottom line value right now, email us

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