View the tasks assigned to other people on your team

New features to be released in UniPhi 15
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View the tasks assigned to other people on your team

Postby grahameldridge » Thu Jul 20, 2017 4:17 pm

The My Work / Summary tab is a great way to view all of the work items that have been assigned to you. It is a fantastic to-do list.
UniPhi also allows you to "see" the work that has been assigned to your team member colleagues. All you need to do is go to Portfolio Summary tab, change the dashboard view to Tasks, and then select the person whose work you need to review.


In addition to being able to see the work of a particular person you can also apply filters in order to focus on any particular aspect of that persons work. As an example, you can filter of due/overdue tasks, document, issues, risks, and so on. It's a very powerful feature, and so useful to team manager, project manager, etc.


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