Link an Issue to a Milestone

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Link an Issue to a Milestone

Postby grahameldridge » Thu Jul 20, 2017 1:25 pm

This feature links a couple of UniPhi concepts. Those being, Issues, Schedule, and Milestones. It stands to reason that project milestones fit within your scheduled life-cycle phase, and that issues and actions will require completion before you can more to the next phase of your project. UniPhi therefore allows you to define your project life-cycle dates, map your own milestones so that they fit within a specific life-cycle phase, and then link an issue to the milestone that you have created.

In practice, a project manager defines the time frame per phase, and then works out the work breakdown structure (as issues), as well as noting the milestones. From that point, the project team goes about closing out completed actions and issues, or updating the expected completion date for particular issues or actions. If an issue has been linked to a milestone, and that issue date changes, UniPhi will automatically shift both the estimated date of the milestones, and the forecast end date of the phase that the milestone belongs to.

Here are some screen shots to demonstrate the functionality:
1 - Add dates per life-cycle phase

2 - Define your specific milestones, and their expected delivery dates

3 - Link your issue to the milestone that it relates to

4 - Update the due date of the issue or an action within the issue (i.e. beyond the current due date)

5 - Go back to your Milestone view and observe that UniPhi has updated the forecast date of the Issue, and the forecast date of the life-cycle phase.

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