Use your own Issue Custom Fields as filters

New features to be released in UniPhi 15
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Use your own Issue Custom Fields as filters

Postby grahameldridge » Tue Jul 18, 2017 4:54 pm

Issues are great. They are visible to people working on the project team and allow for effective collaboration. You can filters issues according to their status (open, closed, and awaiting review), or according to their category (as defined by your organisations administrator). You can even sort your issues according to the column headings according to Rating (High, Medium, Low), and even by Due Date (oldest / newest).
But sometimes even with all of those options, you STILL need the ability to narrow down your list of issues.

So, we have enabled that functionality, Here's how to use it..
Create your own custom list

Create your issue custom field

Tick the box that says your issue custom filed should be filterable

Go to your Issues tab, and filter for your issues. Voila!


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