Replacing "Change Requests" with fomalised budget approval

This section includes details of specific features and enhancements which are available in the current version of UniPhi.
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Replacing "Change Requests" with fomalised budget approval

Postby grahameldridge » Tue Jul 18, 2017 2:49 pm

UniPhi 12 brought about a new way of implementing change request through delegations of authority enhancements, expansion of our budget template control and a re-design of the budget snapshot process. So how does it all work?

Once a budget, either Cost or Revenue - it works the same for both sides, is entered and ready to be approved, a document containing the budget control needs to be signed off. When creating the document, you're given status options for your budget, either mark it as Original, Approved or both.
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Once signed-off, the status of the budget will be updated accordingly. In the case below, the budget was marked as Original and Approved. Subsequent changes can be made to the budget without affecting the approved budget.
budget.png (10.7 KiB) Viewed 801 times

When reviewing the project budget (cost tab budget shown below), the Original Budget column displays the values as they were captured and signed off through the approval process. Any changes to the "approved" budget will be displayed in the current budget column.

Combined with our document sign-off role feature strengthens security over budget control compared to the existing change request functionality. Additionally, thanks to our document management, there is now a clear audit trail of budget changes. As always we are now proud to implement this new feature in UniPhi 12 to push the boundary's of budget and financial management control.
orignial approved.png
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