How to import contract deliverables into a resource plan

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How to import contract deliverables into a resource plan

Postby grahameldridge » Fri Feb 24, 2017 11:19 am

There are a couple of business rules that you need to consider when attempting to import your contract deliverables into your resource plan:

1) Baseline lifecycle phases need both start and end dates so the system knows how many budgeted hours to put into that phase.
Project schedule 1.png
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Project schedule 2.png

2) You must have a start date for initiation and an end date for post-award, or active project lifecycle phase. In the example below this will be the Submission and Design phases.

If we add end dates to Submission phase and start dates to Design then UniPhi will import the deliverables into your resource plan.
Project schedule 3.png

3) Ensure that your contract deliverables are also phased through the same periods that you have set in your project schedule. If your contract deliverables are not phased, Uniphi wont "know" how or where to import them.
Project schedule 4.png

Then go back to your resource phasing and click the Import from Contracts button. UniPhi will apportion the contract deliverable items according to the lifecycle phase that they fit within

Project schedule 5.png

Note that remaining hours (in the tracking view) are phased from today's date to the end of the forecast date for that lifecycle period and does not use contract hours for this but the remaining hours entered into the "tracking" view of resource planning.
Project schedule 6.png

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