UniPhi client invoice template changes

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UniPhi client invoice template changes

Postby thowden » Wed Feb 03, 2016 9:27 pm

Hi All

UniPhi client invoices are produced using the Invoice template element. That element has been updated with some new features and options. These include providing bank deposit details for client invoices and a disclaimer statement.

Previously, banking details may have been added to an invoice using a separate text element within the template. With the update the invoice template element will automatically use the banking details that are entered for the organisation resource for the internal business.

To edit this information you will need to access the Resource Pool (All Projects) and edit an internal business organisation record. You can filter the Resource Pool for Organisations -> Internal to highlight the internal organisations. Most installations will have only one internal organisation but UniPhi does support multiple internal organisations and you may need to edit all the appropriate internal organisations.

The second change is the ability to provide an invoice disclaimer statement or standard text information on an office by office basis. This 'disclaimer' text can be edited via the Methodology -> Projects -> Office configuration section. This caters for different legal requirements per state, hence each office may have a different disclaimer statement.

You should also review any invoice based document templates for new option settings. If your invoice template uses a text field element to present the banking details, it should be removed from the template as it will double up on the bank details.

As always if you need assistance, contact UniPhi support.

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