Add issue actions from an issue template

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Add issue actions from an issue template

Postby grahameldridge » Tue Jul 25, 2017 4:12 pm

With UniPhi, you can create issue templates according to the needs of your organisation. An issue template can be configured to include a predefined set of actions. These actions can have due dates, and be assigned to particular roles. All you need to do is select the issue template when you are creating your issue, and hey presto! UniPhi will populate it with resource, and due dates.

Select your issue template when you create your issue

Did you know that you can even add your issue actions to an existing issue?
This is a really useful feature to use when you know "what" needs to be done, but you may not be ready to allocate the work to people at the time that you create the issue. So, create the issue, and THEN add the issue actions at a later date. Too easy.

Or, add your issue template after you have created your issue

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