My "Previously Claimed" value is incorrect

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My "Previously Claimed" value is incorrect

Postby grahameldridge » Fri Jul 21, 2017 1:28 pm

When producing a progress claim UniPhi calculates and displays a number of financial fields within the document. These include the value of the contract, plus any variations, the amount that you are claiming/paying, and the amount that was previously claimed.
The previously claimed value requires UniPhi to look up the value shown in the claim document that precedes your current document.
So if claim #1 is $1,000
Claim #2 will show a previously claimed value of $1,000
If Claim #2 is also for $1,000, then claim #3 will show previously claimed as $2,000.
So far so good.

But what can happen is that more than one claim document is produced, and you may sign them off in the incorrect sequence. From the above example, if claim #2 is in an awaiting signoff status and claim #3 is produced, it will show the previously claimed value as only $1,000. Even when claim #2, and #3 are signed off, Claim #4 will show the incorrect value.

The solution for those who do not have an accounting integration is to delete the document which is out of sequence and then recreate them in the correct order.

Where accounting integration is being used, it won't be possible to delete the claim documents. Instead, you will need to create a $0 balancing claim document. Sign it off, and then create your new actual claim. The new claim document will pick up the correct number from the $0 claim document and solve your problem. You may then wish to delete the $0 claim, and update the sequence order for your actual claim.

Prevention being better than the cure, it is highly recommended to always create and sign off your documents in the correct sequential order.

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